Resident Milestones

New in ResLife Portal version 5:

As attendance for each resident is digitally captured through a Program Evaluation, residents will earn "points" (1 point for each program attendance).

Resident Milestone levels can be created to quickly see which residents are most engagement and involved within your residential community. You can create as many milestone levels as you need.

Once atleast one milestone level has been created, you can view a dynamically generated leader board of your most engaged residents. Also, when viewing the details of a specific resident, see which milestone levels they have achieved.

Example of Resident Milestones:

  • Milestone 1: 5 points - Getting Started
  • Milestone 2: 10 points - Active Involvement
  • Milestone 3: 25 points - Community Strong
  • Milestone 4: 50 points - Community Star
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