Associate a staff member to their supervisor

Each user account of the ResLife Portal must belong to a "User Group." Within the Admin Console (System Admin), User Groups can be added and edited.

Essentially User Groups allows the system to establish the connection of user accounts to mimic the real-world organization hierarchy of your staff.

Here is an example:

  • Tom, is a supervisor at Cary Quadrangle residence hall
  • Dave, a staff member who reports to Tom at Cary Quadrangle residence hall
  • Both of their user accounts must each belong to a User Group
  • One User Group will be created for Tom and can be given a name, such as "Supervisors - Tom"
  • Another User Group will be created for the staff that report to Tom and can be named "Tom's Staff Members."
  • The user group for "Tom's Staff Members" will be connected under the user group of "Supervisors - Tom" (Note: the technical term is parent group, but this term has no relation to parents of students).
  • Tom's user account should be associated to the user group "Supervisors - Tom"
  • Dave's user account should be associated to the user group "Tom's Staff Members"
  • Therefore in the ResLife Portal, the system will know that Dave is a staff member reporting to Tom.
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