Overview of Roommate Agreements

On the Staff side of the system, roommates must be identified based on room number. A list can be viewed from the Resident Zone Details page of all the identified resident rooms within that zone (“Resident Rooms” tab). Also, on a given Resident Details page, you can see the roommates of that specific resident.

On the Resident side of the system, once a resident authenticates* (for example, using their access code), they should see a panel labeled “Roommate Agreement” with a button labeled “Add Roommate Agreement Record.” Each resident completes their portion of the roommate agreement with their separate access to the system. If you choose, once each resident has completed their portion of the Agreement, then residents can acknowledge each section of the agreement (acknowledging the wishes of each roommate of the room, captured within the agreement). While residents are completing this process, their respective RA (and professional staff, depending on user permissions) can see the progress from the RA side of the system.

If residents have acknowledged a roommate agreement, then a resident makes an edit to the agreement, all the acknowledgements will be cleared thus requiring the roommates to acknowledge the modified roommate agreement.


*Note: the "Resident Hub" must be Enabled.

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